Our lawyers have a wealth of experience acting for both Strata Corporations as a body and for individuals Unit owners in respect of disputes and legal issues that may arise relating to a Strata Corporation.

Advice can be needed for various reasons within a Strata context;

Strata Legislation

Interpreting rights and obligations under The Strata Titles Registration Law of individual owners and occupiers within the Strata Scheme including the law in relation to the system of ownership within a Strata Scheme.

Strata Corporation By-laws

Upon buying strata title property, you will automatically become a member of the Strata Corporation. The Strata Corporation has regulations, or ‘by-laws’, which owners and occupiers must follow. These by-laws can relate to things like the behaviour of residents and the use of common property.

We frequently assist with interpreting by-laws and advising on their enforcement including the collection of debts for unpaid strata fees.

Building Disputes

Building work done within a Strata Scheme can be begun by the Strata Corporation or individual property owners commissioning building work within their own unit.

Disputes between builders and those retaining them can, on occasion, require the specialist expertise of a building and construction lawyer.

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